Nature Programme

In Term 3 2013 Manaia Kindergarten set up a Nature programme for the 10 oldest children. Every Thursday 10 children, a teacher, a teaching assistant and a parent volunteer head down to the Kiteone Road Reserve for the morning. With the children taking charge of their learning, a group decision is reached as to whether to go the beach or reserve first. This provides a great opportunity for the children to learn about tidal flows and risk management. The children spend the morning fully engaged in all the wonderful learning a natural environment has to offer and how to be good nature guardians, kaitiakitanga.

In Term 1 and 2, 2014 Dr Brent Mawson, Associate Dean of University of Auckland's faculty of education joined these trips. Brent is researched the learning that takes place in a natural environment, such as environmental protection, sustainability and developing empathy for living things.

Exploring living things

Having fun and taking risks together